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The Hurting Officer always has the opposite polarity of the Day Master, the Eating God has the same polarity as the Day Master. Thus, Bing Fire is the Hurting Officer and Ding Fire is the Eating God. ... superstition or celestial beings. They are just the terminology used in the study of BaZi with meanings behind them. Chinese philosopher. When you have had your bazi plotted out, the 8 characters which consist of heavenly stems and earthly branches can give you a good idea of your astrological make-up. This in turn allows one to manage it by nudging life subtly towards a desired direction. It can be very powerful indeed especially when the 10 gods have been properly identified and competently analyzed. However, there are also. As some of you all might know by now, we are transiting into a new era which is known as the Period 9. In fact, the change has already started in the year 2017 (early heaven) and will be fully transited to full Period 9 by 2024. That is why now you guys can feel that things have already slightly moved towards the digital world and dynamics of business have changed. That means you are still young :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:sama sama. can use finger count down liao. That's why our job market is discrimate to elderly like me:(Home. ... I kepo ssrr bazi, strong hurting officer 地支, 得令 and 透天. But direct officer at 天干 very weak and tio hammer by surrounding hurting officer. I was like er.
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